Saturday, January 3, 2009

What if Global Warming Continues?

The damaged ozone layer is still the most critical environmental issue that our world is facing today. For one, the green house effect is a natural occurrence in the Earth’s make-up. Solar energy naturally radiates through the Earth’s atmosphere designed to transmit thermal heat as an important factor to sustain all of Earth’s life forms. 

As a result the environment in our planet gets warmed due to the layers of carbon dioxide and methane, which protects the Earth from absorbing too much solar heat. This protective layer of gasses is more commonly known as the ozone layer. As the ozone layer protects the Earth from absorbing too much thermal energy, it has the dual role of preventing the warmth from bouncing back into space. This is then what we all know as the “greenhouse effect”. 

However the Earth is old or even ancient since it dates back from the very beginning. Man in turn became smarter and smarter, in fact too smart for his own good. The earth’s atmosphere became too saturated with carbon dioxide and all sorts of gasses coming from man’s technological innovations, unaware that it was damaging our protective ozone. Until one day, man became conscious of the sudden changes in climates and temperature, in the weather and the natural calamities. 

We now have acid rains, hurricanes and typhoons in stronger forms and duration leaving some parts of the world in total devastation. Too much solar heat has permeated the atmosphere beating down on our large bodies of water. The volume of evaporation and moisture form into low pressure areas and depressions and the winds get tangled and trapped in the Earth’s spinning motion. Hence we are met with natural catastrophes of greater magnitude. 

After understanding all these, what‘s next? What can man do that he hasn’t tried before?Actually it’s not just the hair sprays and the aerosols but also the smoke coming from power plants, factories and automobiles. Can we do without all of these?

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