Monday, March 16, 2009

The Main Reasons Why We Should All “Go Green”

Looking Back in the Pre-“Green” Era

In the early 1960’s, being “green” was a cool idea only among the hippies. Environmentalists then were considered as radicals and merely needed an excuse to become recluses. The acceptable norm was that the Earth had limitless capacity to absorb all the wastes of modern technology. People saw only the vastness of the lands, the immensity of the oceans and the endlessness of the skies. 

Today, after more than forty years, the vast land is almost depleted, marine life is disrupted, and the skies are detrimentally polluted. Now the concept to “go green” seems to be the only way to rectify all that was neglected. How our resources and environment came to be are the obvious reasons why there is now a global effort to “go green”. We, as individuals should consider several underlying reasons why we should be in agreement with this “green” movement. Take awhile and ponder on some of these reasons: 
Think About the Living Conditions of Future Generations

Has it ever crossed your mind that the ones who will suffer are the children we cherished and kept protected all through their growing up years? Soon, these young ones will bring forth future generations. Consider the kind of legacy we have in store for them. A world full of contamination and less of the life sustaining resources that their forefathers enjoyed during their lifetimes.
Wouldn’t it be better if our children and the next in their line learn and enjoy the values of an Earth-friendly way of life? 

Think About the Safety of the Weak and the Geographically Disadvantaged

Have you noticed the harshness of the weather? Where heat and cold could be at extreme levels, some members of our global society don’t have the means or capacity to protect themselves from its ill effects. Global warming has transformed hurricanes, cyclones and “tsunamis” to something more dreadful than before, because they can come unexpected and leave a place totally devastated. Consider the health of the young ones and the elderly as they breathe in air full of pollution particles and potent gasses. 

Do we wait until we become the next victims or be proactive and get into green living?

Think About the Advantages of ”Green”

To “go green” in our lifestyle means not only the promotion of health through eco-friendly sustenance, but the creation of a demand for naturally grown and organically based products. Manufacturers often take their cue from what the public demands. Soon these manufacturers will supply a demand for eco-friendly products without need for smokestacks, chemicals, and harmful synthetics. 

In fact, the small businesses have been the fore runners in adapting the green living concept in their products. There are now green cleaning materials, organic fertilizers,  solar powered batteries and chargers, organic foods, organic coffee,  and countless other green products just to save the Earth that we live in.  

The “green” way of life will eliminate wastes that pollute the rivers, streams, and estuaries. These are where polluted rainwater run-offs carry the wastes and debris used by man in his day-to-day life.

Greening the environment will mean more plants and trees to give shade and provide fresh sources of oxygen. We can walk with leisure, ride our bikes, and have less demand for carbon dioxide emitting vehicles that contribute the most harm to our ozone layers.

The best part of all? Less green bucks will be taken out of our wallets because “green” products cost less.

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lemuel said...

hi, thanks for the comment on my blog about me deciding to look for work abroad. you mentioned me to email you, i can't find your email address, can you email me please at thanks!

narayanan said...

u came with a good idea of saving our earth..

Thank you!

ciel s cantoria said...

Thank you for being counted as one of those who care about
the environment.

Sandy said... are on the mark, 40 years ago...when some tried to be green people thought them weird. I'm not quite old enough to say it was 40 years ago for me; but most definately in the 60's when it wasn't popular and still so in the 70's and 80's. Sadly, many of the thngs we tried to do then were met with resistence. Now it's cool and I do hope more people get on the band wagon.


ciel s cantoria said...

Thanks Sandy, for keeping in touch. I think a lot of people now are really interested in saving our environment. Although there are critics who say that it's all business strategy, there's still nothing wrong with being environmentally conscious.